Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Just because

"Just Because" - Because I can, I'm posting a layout I finished a couple of months ago.  I should probably change the title because I think there will be a lot of "just because" in the coming future :P

Just Because:
1) because otherwise I'd never post on my blog;
2) because I love it; and
3) It was the first layout that I've done completely on my own (ok, I did ask someone what they think and they said it was perfect).

So just because, here is my layout of my Great Aunt Adelaide.  I just absolutely ADORE this picture.  I will try to get some upclose pictures of her dress so you can see the texture/detail.  The photo was taken in 1912 in Bangalore, India.  Not sure why she was in India, but she was born in UK.  She is my great grandmother's sister.

I only recently managed to identify what it is exactly I love about old photos.  Sure they're pretty (everyone pre 1940's just looked gorgeous... there's something to be said for being out of focus :| ), the paper is just amazing - the matte finish these days is still rather shiny.   

What I managed to put my finger on is... connection.  It sounds a bit odd, but to think I am holding something in my hands, that a person over 100 years ago was holding who is related to me.  This person would never in a million years think that I would exist, or the technology we have today would exist.  Ok, so I can't quite put it into words, but it's a physical link to my past and in this day and age of technology, I just find it... comforting.  

I've always known most of my past (long story for another day) but lately (mostly in part being old enough to realise that my Nan (nearly 91!) and my great aunt (94!) won't live forever) and so, I'm making a concerted effort to get all the stories and information out of them whilst I can.  I clearly have an addictive personality as now I'm also addicted to Genealogy.  Guess it goes naturally with my other love of all things old {{{{{Nan}}}}

I am so lucky that my Nan loves old things too (or is just old herself and hoards).  She has all these photos which, sadly I probably won't inherit so instead I'm copying everything I can, whilst I know where to find them.

I only hope that with time and experience, I can do the photos I have justice.  I keep on buying every vintage type paper and embellishment for when I finally have the confidence.  I know what I love, just putting it on paper and making it look "just right" is difficult.

So enough of me rabbiting on, here is Aunty Addie

Upclose (I wanted to point out that 1912 isn't her birthdate - just the year of the photo):

Her gorgeous dress (if you click on it, it will zoom in for you)
Thanks for popping in!