Monday, March 28, 2011

I am so not the blogger....

But the good news is, it's so rare that I post something - you know it's going to be good (in my honest, modest opinion anyway... ).  Well that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!

I did this card before Christmas but loved it so much I didn't give it to anyone.  It will of course become a template - when I get around to this years cards??

I don't know how this came together, it just did.  All about being "in the zone" I guess.  I sat down one day and, whilst spending all day at it (getting the colour combinations just right), I'm pretty happy with the result.  All the tags etc pop out with messages.  It is so sad that a beautiful range like this is now out of production :(  I was very busy buying up every ounce of it that I found though!

Don't forget, photos are taken with my rubbish phone camera.  One of these days I'll buy a decent camera!

The front:
opens up to reveal...

close ups:
(left side)
(right side)
(middle panels)

I have another card to show you but I feel somewhat of a glutton not posting in forever, and then hitting you with a whole lot.  Oh what the heck... here is my other christmas card (that was never sent *sigh*.  It's a template people!.. honest!)

a small one:

difficult to demonstrate how it opens but hopefully you get the idea

 Thanks for popping in!

p.s did I mention I like the vintage style??

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